76 Minutes - Palm Sunday 2020

Palm Sunday morning. I gave myself a little time to make photographs around town. The heavy, overcast sky seemed appropriate for the global health crisis we are living in and gave everything a heavy appearance. Was the weather feeling the weight of Covid-19, too?

Huntington Hospital is four blocks from my home in New York. I knew that would be my starting place because of what was going on behind those brick walls and my goal was to end at the Catholic Church on the opposite end of town. A clear beginning and end, but I had no plan about the path I would take between the two. Just like life.

In the past, when the balance in my world has been changed either by an action that I’ve taken or by external forces, new light has fallen somewhere and helped me see things differently. Clarity. If scale means anything, what does the future bring? Blinding clarity?

Peter Brauné, Huntington, NY (US) 5 april 2020