Frisian coronian solitude

53.4053662 / 6.2120483

Confinement in the northeast of Friesland does not show many big differences compared to normal times, except that the landscape is now even more empty and isolated, lacking even the ‘dark area’ nature tourism for which this beautiful ‘Waddenzee’ world is well known. So therefore I thought of taking my car to visit the heart of the province and the cities of Fryslân, to see whether there would be something more interesting to shoot. Unfortunately this expedition soon came to an end because the one and only other car on the road succeeded in colliding with mine, and consequently for a few weeks I found myself even more ‘knocked-locked-down' on this very edge of Europe, without a car and in my bed. Anyhow, it gave me time to dream along behind my blue bedroom curtains and write some dutch poems... So my contribution to QuarantineDreams will not be very illustrative for the current Kaos in the world ... unless we can read the even bigger emptiness. An awesome emptiness that gave me yet more questions than answers in a world that seems to have lost its sanity and honesty.

Jeannette Horst